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The Assamites Group


We are a group of dedicated Lineage II players that have been playing the game since 2004 when it was first introduced by NCSoft. Our members have played on retail Lineage II servers and on multiple low rate private servers. Retail Lineage II servers include NC North American server Lionna and NC European Servers Franz and Luna. Low rate private Lineage II servers include BnB C1 Server, BnB C3 Server, TheGame Lineage II C1, L2Elixir HellBound server, Azrama server, L2 Core BnB server and currently L2 E-Global server. 

 The gaming group was  named after  the clan called Assamites from Whitewolf's role playing game "Vampire: The Masquerade" which is based on the storyteller system and centered around vampires in a modern Gothic - Punk World. In Vampire: The Masquerade, most vampire clans belong to a sect, either the Camarilla or Sabbat but some vampires and clans are independent. The Assamite clan is mostly an independent clan of vampire assassins that was founded by Haquim twelve millenia before the birth of Christ. 

 On L2Elixir server our group consisted of 9 people that formed a permanent archer party and through this formation we interacted with the L2 comunity on the server. Our members included 2 Sagittarius, 1 MoonlightSentinel, 1 SpectralDancer, 1 SwordMuse, 1 DoomCryer, 1 Cardinal, 1  EvaSaint and 1 ArcanaLord. Our activities spaned all parts of the game from xping, raiding, crafting and questing to sieges, mass PvP, ganking and competing for Epic Raid Bosses. 

Our future intent includes publishing multiple PvP videos by which the rest of the L2Elixir and L2 E-Global community may be informed of our activities first hand. Please visit the video section of the site for more info, or visit the Lineage II Assamites Gaming Group You Tube channel.  You may also visit us at our FaceBook Page and become a fan.